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On this website you will find tools and diversions that try to approach the art of writing from new directions. Some of it will be silly, some of it will be serious, some of it will still be a while. But for now, have fun exploring — for instance, click on any of these words — and check back again later!

NETS is an interactive experiment in erasure poetry using Shakespeare's 154 sonnets as source material. It is inspired by and takes its name from Jen Bervin's book published in 2004. NETS was created as an installation for Antena temporary bookstore in Houston, TX in April 2012. try it!
Sequencer allows you to create new textual paths through the sequential connections of words (or letters) in any given source. try it!
Layerer allows you to layer pieces of text and carve through them like a relief sculpture. not ready
Regrammer allows you to input a word or short phrase and create a text that is constrained to words composed from the same alphabet of letters. not ready
Multiphone uses an advanced version of the metaphone algorithm and allows users to "translate" the words of a source text with words and phrases that match the same pattern of consonant sounds. not ready
Multiplex gives you a drag-and-drop interface to transform words in a variety of ways and collage the results into a new text. not ready